A human performance measurement company.

Our goal is to help individuals push passed their self perceived limitations through the visualization of data.

Customizable User Experience

Skin-like Wearable Devices

Sophisticated Analytics Platform

Our revolution begins by being a provider of sports analytics. While we intend to roll this revolution out to a number of industries, we believe that sports and athletes provide the perfect proving ground for products that later hit the mass market.

It is our intention to initially bring technological disruption to the world of combat sports. We have a deep rooted love for combat sports & combat athletes and we know that love will translate into a game changing product.

No other sport parallels the beautiful art created by combat athletes via their movement. We want to help track those movements along with helping them monitor their biometrics data in an attempt to help them reduce injuries, monitor their health and ensure their long term well being long after their fighting days.

Meet the creator...

Ricky Alphonse

"We truly measure the hearts of champions!"